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Fairfax Hood Cleaning provides top-notch commercial-grade hood cleaning services for all types of businesses throughout the entire Fairfax area.  Our services are provided for a wide variety of businesses including hotels, cafeterias, schools, and all types of restaurants as well.  Our professionally trained crew knows all of the ins and outs when it comes to providing both effective and safe hood cleaning services.  We know what it takes to make us the biggest and best hood cleaning business in all of Fairfax County.

We provide hood cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning to Fairfax, Fairfax County, Arlington VA, Reston VA, and Alexandria Virginia. 

There is no job that is too big or too small for our exhaust hood cleaning teams.

Our hood cleaning teams are highly trained and fully licensed to comply with the industry's quality standards and cleanliness requirements.  Here at Fairfax Hood Cleaning we are well educated with all the laws and regulations in regards to the exhaust hood cleaning service.  Because our company is fully certified to perform the hood cleaning service, we are also well educated and in accordance with the NFPA 96 fire codes that are in place with all of the Fairfax area fire departments.  Our teams can perform a one-time hood cleaning but most of our clients are set up on a periodic cleaning schedule so that we are sure to clean not just the exhaust hood, but the entire kitchen as well.  This is also important to keep up with the cleaning schedule in order for your business to stay in compliance with insurance companies' requirements. You can also visit our About page to know more about our company.  We also partner with Boston Hood Cleaning Pros to help us with one of our national clients.

At Fairfax Hood Cleaning, we not only provide restaurant hood cleaning service and complete kitchen cleaning services but we perform other important tasks to assist with preventative maintenance.  Here are some of the other services that our hood cleaning team can perform:

  • Full restaurant equipment cleaning service
  • Pressure washing and steam cleaning
  • Maintenance on both exhaust fans and hinges
  • Filter replacement
  • Rooftop grease containment

Our primary service is definitely hood cleaning but we also focus on other areas to best serve our customer and provide just about any establishments owner request that they may have.  Our goal is to have our clients kitchens spick and span from floors to the ceiling and everywhere in between.

We understand that there is nothing that speaks more to your restaurant customers than a spotless, sparkling kitchen.  That is definitely one of our companies priorities if we are contracted out to clean any kitchen.  If Fairfax Hood Cleaning is performing a kitchen cleaning or exhaust hood cleaning service, we guarantee that your kitchen will be definitely something that your business wants to show off to even your most pickiest customers for sure.

There's a reason that most of our business is from current customers and referrals and that is because we definitely have the reputation of being the best of the best when it comes to hood cleaning services.  By hiring our professional team, you are guaranteed to have the best available hood cleaning service by far in the entire Fairfax County area.  We don't just get your kitchen spotless clean but we also give our customers a great amount of information and education to ensure that their kitchen will be in the best condition always.

Let's face it, running a business is a huge task.  Running a kitchen is like a major business on steroids.  The amount of items that need to be maintained and repaired is almost never-ending and can often become overwhelming especially when it comes to hood cleaning services.  One of the most dangerous things that can happen in a restaurant is a grease fire that is due to grease build-up and the hood cleaning procedure not being done on a regular basis.  This is definitely a situation that you do not want to get your establishment into ever.  This is why Fairfax Hood Cleaning only hires the best and highly trained technicians that are all certified and licensed by the State of Virginia in exhaust hood cleaning.  We make sure to inspect areas that are not easy to see by our customers and commonly overlooked during the cleaning process by other companies.  By doing these intense inspections, we make sure that our customers are getting a full-service cleaning and they can rest assured that there are no hazardous situations that may occur.  When our team performs these detailed inspections, they also are educating the business owner on preventative maintenance and providing information to help keep up the proper cleaning schedule.

The one thing that we are very aware of in regards to a kitchen is that it really needs to run pretty much perfectly all of the time in order to be successful and prosperous.  You can ask any restaurant or commercial kitchen owner and the one thing they will all tell you is that they cannot afford to have any equipment broken or temporarily down for any amount of time.  We take our job very seriously when it comes to exhaust hood cleaning and make sure to stay in compliance with the NFPA Standard-96 guidelines and our State of Virginia health department regulations.  You can always count on Fairfax Hood Cleaning to keep your kitchen in the best shape possible so that you can focus on conducting your prosperous business and not worrying about your equipment.

How do you know the signs that your exhaust hood needs cleaning or even a checkup? 

There are several signs and we make sure that our customers know what to be looking for.

We provide our hood cleaning clients with an extensive checklist of items they can look at on a regular basis that will help them maintain a regular effective cleaning schedule.

It is a fact that every kitchen has its own design and there are really no two alike.  However, almost every kitchen has a hood and that will require regular maintenance in order to prevent a major disaster.  If you are aware that your equipment has not had routine checkups and if you find an item on the list that is telling you there is something wrong, it is time that you get in touch with us so that we can schedule a visit as soon as possible.

Oftentimes, the grease residue cannot be removed with a standard normal cleaning effort.  This is when you need to have our professional hood cleaning services so that your kitchen can be as safe and efficient as possible.

These are some additional signs that you may notice that will require either maintenance or the deep cleaning procedure.

  • If the exhaust fan is making a rattling noise
  • If there is a strong greasy odor coming from the hood or ducts.
  • If you simply just can't remember the last time that the hood and duct systems were cleaned by a professional company.
  • If you notice dents or creases on the actual hood system.
  • If you see grease stains on the roof near the hood system.

It can sometimes seem that these above issues might not be that important but it is important to get them checked out by our professional team sooner rather than later.  All of the above issues can really lead to being a major issue for both your kitchen hood and other equipment.  Having grease on your ceiling causes a chemical breakdown and quickly destroys a kitchen roof.  Not only can a decomposing roof cause leaks and other issues, but it can also create a very serious fire hazard situation extremely fast.  Other things like pests, mold, and even mildew can happen from a greasy roof.  These are all reasons that regularly scheduled cleanings and maintenance be kept up with to ensure an efficient running kitchen.

There are 3 entities that set the requirements for commercial kitchen hood cleaning. 

They are the local fire marshals, the business's insurance company holding the policy, and local health inspectors.  One good way to keep your kitchen in its best shape is to schedule a regular hood cleaning service every 90 days.  This doesn't mean that your kitchen is always going to fall into that cleaning schedule and you should always check with your insurance company or the local board of health before moving forward.

Whether you are in Fairfax, Fairfax County, Arlington Virginia, Reston VA, or Alexandria Virginia, you can be confident that you are hiring the best commercial hood cleaning services when you hire Fairfax Hood Cleaning.  We hold all the appropriate licenses and certifications to make our team the experts when it comes to exhaust hood cleaning.  We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded as well.

Call us or visit our Contact page today for all of your commercial kitchen hood cleaning needs in the Fairfax area so that we can schedule a visit that fits into your schedule and best for your business.

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